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    October 08

    TechTrain 2022 Autumn

    Фестиваль для разработчиков и им сочувствующих

    The call for papers is over

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    October 17-29

    SmartData 2022

    The conference for data engineers

    The call for papers is open

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    October 18-28

    PiterPy 2022

    The conference for those who code in Python and use it in practice

    The call for papers is open

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    October 19-27

    DevOops 2022

    The conference on engineering DevOps solutions

    The call for papers is open

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    October 20-26

    VideoTech 2022

    Video and streaming technologies conference

    The call for papers is open

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    November 03-20

    DotNext 2022 Autumn

    Conference for .NET developers

    The call for papers is open

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    November 07-18

    Heisenbug 2022 Autumn

    Testing conference not just for testers

    The call for papers is open

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    November 08-19

    Joker 2022

    International conference for experienced Java developers

    The call for papers is open

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    November 09-21

    Mobius 2022 Autumn

    The conference for mobile developers

    The call for papers is open

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    November 10-18

    Matemarketing 2022

    The largest marketing and product analytics conference in Russia

    The call for papers is over

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    November 10-20

    HolyJS 2022 Autumn

    Conference for JavaScript developers

    The call for papers is open

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    November 29-30

    Flow 2022

    Conference on systems and business analysis

    The call for papers is open

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About the organizer

We make some of the largest IT conferences in Russia and the CIS

We are JUG Ru Group — a company focused on organizing some of the most popular technical conferences in Russia. Speakers all over the world share their experience and knowledge at our events. Our audience values hardcore technical content based on speaker's experience with the technology (as opposed to marketing BS or reciting the docs).


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expected number of participants per season

Reasons to speak at our conferences

  • Content

    The 4K session recording will remain with you and we will attract additional audience to it.

  • Reputation

    Performing in front of a large audience will support your personal brand and your employer’s reputation.

  • Networking

    The speakers of the past seasons met and communicated with the creators of languages and technologies, and with coolest experts.

  • Experience exchange

    Your work experience will be helpful. Hundreds of people will hear you live, and thousands of practitioners will watch the recording of your talk.

  • Recognition

    To make a name for yourself in the IT community, you can spend years developing your channel or podcast. Or you can speak at one of our conferences.

  • Diving into the topic

    The best way to understand a topic is to tell others about it and engage in discussion with the audience.

How it works

  1. You submit a proposal on the website, and the program committee contacts you within a few days.
  2. If your idea fits the conference, we include your talk in the program and assign a committee member to help you.
  3. Over the course of several weeks, we help you to prepare the talk: we discuss it, review the content a few times, and rehearse.
  4. You speak at the conference, you get a recording, feedback, and statistics.

Additional Information

What else?

  • Just suggest an idea

    The lack of experience, doubts about oratory skills, and difficulties in preparation will not cause a problem. We can help you bring your talk to a production-ready state.

  • Experienced team

    Our program committees and production team are experienced: we have already held more than 70 conferences.

  • Access to the studio

    If you live in St. Petersburg, you can speak from our studio.

  • Live audience

    Live presence of experts, questions from participants, discussion rooms, and chats — so that you feel instant feedback from viewers.

Our speakers

We try to do the best technical conferences in the country, therefore we attract top-rated experts from all over the world. Here are some of them:

  • Bjarne Stroustrup

    Creator of C++

    C++ Russia

  • John Romero

    One of the creators of Doom and Quake


  • Dan Abramov

    Works on React


  • Joel Spolsky

    Cofounder of StackOverflow


  • Andrey Breslav

    Creator of Kotlin


  • Grigoriy 'Bobuk' Bakunov

    Programming popularizer


  • James Gosling

    Creator of Java


  • Richard Stallman

    Creator of the GNU Project


Full Pass with multi-colored logos of all included conferences

Full Pass to all conferences of the season

Having become a speaker of one conference, you receive a Full Pass — a ticket for all the conferences of this season. You may watch the talks from the experts in other IT fields and meet colleagues from other technology stacks.

Speakers' feedback

  • JUG Ru Group are serious and uncompromising about what they’re doing. That is enticing. First, the program committee is willing to spend as much time preparing the speaker as the speaker is willing to do. At the same time, they listen carefully, suggest valuable comments, and the talk improves after each run. Second, the technical team here takes the talk itself seriously — whether offline or online. The speaker is accompanied on all sides by presenters in the studio, by experts — everything is duplicated multiple times, including people. I think that not every TV channel takes the technical support of the broadcast so seriously.

    Alexey Kirpichnikov

    KonturDevOops speaker
  • I have never had any problems with you. The organization is always at the highest level! It is a pleasure to work with a team that appreciates quality and cares about participants, speakers, and the quality of the presentation.

    Vitaly Friedman

    Smashing Media AGHeisenbug, HolyJS, DevOops, Mobius, and TechTrain speaker
  • Got only positive impression, the conference in terms of training and attention is at the top level. The equipment was thoroughly checked several times. The team had backup plans for almost any emergency situation. The speakers were supported and helped during preparation.

    Alexander Khotemskoy

    An independent consultantHeisenbug speaker
  • From a speaker’s point of view, the organization is one of the best I’ve seen. Although people in the C++ community are fairly self-organized (as far as I see), good organization always improves the experience for conference participants, including speakers. You can safely rely on fellow organizers to provide the technical aspect and focus on preparing for the talk.

    Pavel Novikov

    Align TechnologyС++ Russia speaker

We stand for comfortable communication

It is important to us that everyone feels comfortable at conferences. We support diversity and adhere to the principles of the Code of Conduct.

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